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Have Recent Changes With VMware Made Your Life Easier or Saved You Money?

VMware was a major disruptor when it introduced its server virtualization technology in the early 2000's. The ability to better utilize server hardware by hosting multiple virtual servers on a single physical server dramatically improved datacenter operation metrics.

In the last 20+ years, VMware has done a great job of adding functionality to reach beyond virtualizing servers to include vSAN, NSX, and more. Many VMware engineers are very loyal to the overall platform, and that is understandable.

With some of the recent changes to licensing programs at VMware, many IT leaders may not have that same level of loyalty.

Are you stuck with VMware?

But are you "stuck" with VMware because you've been using it so long and it's so pervasive within your IT environment? The transition to something more modern, more flexible, more economical, and more performant may be way easier than you could have ever imagined!

VergeIO is a major disruptor in the Virtual Data Center space in 2024! Based on their "ultra-converged infrastructure" which leverages a single code source to manage server virtualization, storage virtualization, and networking virtualization, the capabilities of VergeOS go far beyond what VMware offers today, while maintaining a very high degree of compatibility with both VMware and Nutanix AHD.

VergeOS Compatibility

When VMware engineers first start kicking the tires on VergeOS, they typically become very proficient and comfortable with the admin console within a couple of hours.

VergeOS Affordability

When IT leadership understands the VergeOS licensing model (per node, no matter how many sockets, cores, RAM, or storage) they get interested to see if their engineers can deliver the same (or better) functionality currently within their VMware environment.

VergeOS Use Case Videos

There are dozens of use cases that come into play with VMware. We've curated a number of video overviews on this page that will highlight some of the most prominent early successes, but this is just scratching the surface. If anything that you see here resonates with you, we encourage you to schedule an introductory discussion with an MK7 VergeOS specialist, along with representatives from VergeIO.

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High-level VergeOS Dashboard Overview

Watch this 5:53 video overview of the VergeOS administration console which provides "One Pane of Glass, One API".

Easily manage and monitor nested compliant virtual data centers.

One single pane of glass allows someone with generalist IT skills to manage dozens of virtual data centers and includes all functions of an IT stack; storage; firewall; networking; DR; backup; hypervisor; VPN connections and more.

  • Ideal for Edge Server environments
  • Solve the IT staff shortage problem
  • Dramatically reduce operational and capital expenditures
  • Runs on commodity server hardware
  • Remote monitoring and hardware failure protection
  • One single system, one pane of glass

Use Case Overviews:
VergeOS High Level Overview Videos

University of Michigan Advanced Computing Research Division (2:26)

See how the University of Michigan uses VergeIO to provide thousands of secure, compliant virtual data centers that house some of the worlds most advanced medical research data.

Easily Migrate VMware to VergeIO (5:19)

See how easy it is to migrate virtual machines from VMware to a VergeIO virtual data center.

Easily Migrate Hyper-V VMs to VergeIO (10:16)

See how easy it is to migrate virtual machines from Hyper-V to a VergeIO virtual data center.

VergeOS Networking Fundamentals

Watch this 11:09 video overview of how to tap into the full potential of VergeOS' layer 2 and layer 3 networking capabilities.

VergeOS can provide complete layer 2 and layer 3 functionality! This video shows you how to tap into the full potential of VergeOS' networking capabilities.

VergeIO CEO Yan Ness and Director of Product Development Paul Hodges, take you through VergeOS Networking Fundamentals.

VergeOS Deep Dive Videos

These videos will go deeper technically across the implications of UCI, and how VergeOS handles storage.

Tech Talk Deep Dive on Virtual Infrastructure File Systems

Whatch this 60:05 video to learn

The differences between stand-alone All-Flash Arrays, Hyperconverged Infrastructure, and Ultraconverged Infrastructure in their support of virtual infrastructure.

The differences between deduplication technologies and how those differences impact performance and scalability.

Beyond HCI – The Next Step In Datacenter Infrastructure Evolution

Watch this 56:07 video to learn what true converged infrastructure can do for your agility.

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