A project methodology is a roadmap that gets you to where you need to go!

Working primarily with large IT organizations, MK7 seamlessly integrates into our client’s established Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Development Operations (DevOps) process. With only slight variations to the models below, MK7 is expert at joining with your team at whichever phase you need.

Our Process Includes:

  1. Listen & Learn (Identify problems and opportunities)
    With decades of technology integration experience MK7 first listens to better understand your company’s short and long-term business objectives, and how technology is used today to support your organization.
  2. Measure & Assess
    On your direction MK7 will assess specific IT systems to measure and baseline performance and provide you actionable data and reporting to identify potential use cases and define requirements.
  3. Identify & Design
    Next we work to clarify and outline opportunities for enhanced systems design or new technology implementations to upgrade old platforms, bring new services on-line and improve end-user experience.
  4. Integrate & Manage
    Finally, we help you integrate the new systems with your existing operational processes for remote access, data storage and management, business continuity and end-to-end security.

SDLC Phases

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