Our success is measured by your business success


MK7 was founded to help IT professionals transform technology, operations and service delivery to meet business challenges. MK7's focus is on designing and implementing flexible computing environments that leverage virtualization technologies, software-defined, and cloud services to deliver optimized User experience and operational efficiencies, while providing for end-to-end security.

The company founders and senior management team are all 30+ year veterans of the IT industry and all have broad-based experience working for large OEM organizations, reseller companies, and IT service providers. This 360-degree view has helped shape and define the holistic solutions we provide our clients.



MK7 Will Help You Achieve The Following

  • Develop IT strategies and technology solutions that align with business objectives.
  • Gain better visibility into current state versus optimal state.
  • Deliver consistent, high-quality IT services to your end-user clients and their organizations.
  • Design and setup new delivery models; migrate to virtual, cloud or hybrid environments.
  • Customize, optimize and enhance functionality with continuous improvement process.
  • Provide secure, fast, reliable and anywhere access to applications and IT resources.
  • Optimize operations through governance, security, management tools and support.

Many organizations are in some type of transformation mode, merging disparate systems, evaluating new technologies and bringing new platforms online with minimal planning. Or sometimes it's the converse, over-analysis and progress paralysis.


MK7 helps our clients drive transformation of technology and processes to deliver Intelligent Computing Solutions.




MK7's commitment is to help your IT team drive business objectives and delight your User communities.


We will help you design, build and integrate flexible computing solutions that drive operational efficiencies and improve overall end-user experience. On time and within budget. No hidden costs; Professionalism start to finish.

MK7 wants to be your trusted technology advisor, and a partner in your success. We fully understand that this level of trust is only earned over time and with consistent high performance.

There are many choices on how to design, deploy and manage a modern desktop solution; on paper they all sound similar and it can be a confusing process. MK7 is here to help you to navigate the virtual computing landscape and design and deploy a best-in-class solution tailored to your specific needs.




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