Cloud Optimization Solutions

Value Proposition of MK7 Cloud Optimization Solution:

There is a high degree of probability that you’re paying more than you should for your cloud environment. With MK7’s cloud optimization process, we can quickly assess all of your workloads running in the cloud and determine if each one is under provisioned (causing compute strain), over provisioned (wasting compute resources), or just right (sweet spot).

At the completion of our cloud optimization assessment, you’ll know exactly how much you could save by adjusting your configurations with the under or over provisioned workloads in hard ROI terms, and you can then make the decision to implement the tools to get you to the optimized state that is possible.

Cloud Optimization Affects Two Critical Areas: Better User Experience, Right-sized Cloud Spend.

If your cloud environment is not optimized, you could primarily experience two bad effects. If your cloud workloads are under-provisioned, your end users will suffer through undue latency as they try to do their work. The environment will be slow, users will start to complain, productivity will fall.

If your cloud workloads are over-provisioned, the environment will be faster, but if you throw too many compute resources at the job at hand, you’ll overspend on your monthly cloud bill, sometimes by a lot!

The job at hand is to find the sweet spot where all of your cloud workloads have the necessary compute resources to process fast and efficiently, without leaving excess compute resources standing idly by costing you more than it needs to.

The Result of MK7 Cloud Optimization Solution:

In large environments (several hundred server & desktop workloads or more) the typical pay-back to implement the solution that will continuously keep you optimized is 2 to 3 months. The savings from the other 9 to 10 months in the year drop directly to your bottom line!

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Cloud Optimization Case Study:

A large financial institution with 15,000 total users was running approximately 12,000 VDI users in Azure. They were experiencing two issues that needed attention:

  1. User experience was inconsistent across the VDI population.
  2. The monthly cloud spend was too high – 7 figures per month in this case.

The assessment results showed the ability to optimize all misconfigured VDI workloads to yield a better user experience and a monthly savings of approximately $150,000.

The optimization project cost was approximately $300,000 all in. This client had a payback period of 2 months, and first-year hard dollar savings of $1.5 million! The project included the purchase of the analysis and optimization tool so this client can be assured that all future cloud workloads are optimized for user experience and cost efficiency.

Cloud Optimization Delivers Additional Financial Benefits:

Optimizing your cloud workloads is the primary goal of our optimization solution. But in analyzing the environment and current workload performance, our optimization tool also gathers rich data around application utilization, system processes that may be unnecessary, and overall health of the path from cloud to the end-user, giving your team un-matched visibility to your holistic environment.

The optimization tool has companion solutions that offer streamlined and simplified application delivery to virtual, physical, and mixed desktop environments that yields tremendous payback due to dramatically reduced operational effort required for initial deployment, version updates, and patch management.

Finally, the companion solutions offer profile portability that simplifies profile management when moving from on-premises to cloud, from one cloud to another, and through OS version changes. Again, this dramatically decreases the operational effort managing profiles, and it will reduce your helpdesk calls based on profile questions.

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