Desktop Management and Adaptive Workspace Solutions


At the heart of all MK7 solutions is a focus on providing an exceptional end-user experience, knowing that when optimization for Users is achieved, productivity will increase. Optimizing for User experience includes anywhere/anytime access to applications from any device, secure and fast login, automated systems for file sharing, backup services and printing, and end-device maintenance.

From the perspective of the IT team, Desktop/Workspace and User Management includes all the aspects important to the end-user, but also involves implementing and managing the critical systems and management services that enable the optimized workspace and User environment. MK7 understands that achieving these objectives sometimes requires a balancing act, but we have the software tools, services and experience to help guide you in building a complete Workspace Lifecycle Management environment.


Profile Management

Dynamic Profile

Profile Mgmt supporting all major cloud providers

Application Rights Management

Profile Containers


Application Management

App Layering

App Packaging

App Caching

Universal Delivery

App-V Convert to Layer

Policy Mgmt

Privileged Access


User Experience Management

End-to-end visibility

User Centric Focus

Platform Agnostic

Diagnostics and Drill Down

Operations Support

On-Boarding Users

Performance Validation


Cloud Adoption

Office 365

Full or hybrid Infrastructure Migrations


Disaster Recovery

Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops/Applications

Cloud Hosted VOIP

Cloud Storage


Lifecycle Management

Real-time Monitoring

Assessment and Planning

Implementation Services

Production Management

Performance Validation Optimization

Continuous Improvement

Windows Migrations


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