The IT asset lifecycle is the sequence of stages that an organization's information technology asset goes through during the time span of its ownership. The stages of an IT asset's life-cycle are planning/technology reviews, procurement, deployment, scheduled usage, upgrades & refreshes, decommission, disposition and salvage. MK7 provides services to assist you in managing each step of this cycle.

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring is the delivery of continuously updated information streaming at zero or low latency. IT monitoring involves collecting data periodically throughout an organization's IT environment from on-premises hardware and virtualized environments, to networking and security levels, into the application stack -- including those in the cloud -- and out to software UIs. MK7 provides integrated point solutions to assist internal administrators, or an all-inclusive managed services program for proactive monitoring and resolution.

Assessment and Planning

An IT assessment can help you determine how your systems, infrastructure, staffing, processes and procedures can be optimized to better meet the present and future needs of your organization. Our primary focus is on virtualized computing environments and optimized user experience (UX), and our assessment services are structured specifically to address these areas. An assessment from MK7 will provide you recommendations for making immediate improvements to your environment, as well as actionable information for longer-term planning and budgeting.

Implementation/integration Services

MK7 works predominately with large companies that have enterprise-level IT organizations and sophisticated service management capabilities. We are experts at integrating our services into your internal project management processes to add expertise where you get the most value. From technology selection to installation and integration of new systems with legacy, to admin and user training and go-live transition, MK7 is experienced in helping our customers with every step in your technology integration process, or only with those steps where you need us most.

Operations Management

IT operations management is the process of managing the provisioning, capacity, cost, performance, security, and availability of infrastructure and services including on-premises data centers, private cloud deployments and public cloud resources. MK7 is experienced in professional hand-off to Operations after completion of any technology integration project. We plug your new systems into your current operational processes to ensure fail-over service, user and data protection. MK7 includes maps and full documentation as a standard deliverable, together with optional User and Admin training.

Performance monitoring, tuning and optimization

Performance tuning is the improvement of system performance. With complex IT systems the typical motivation for such activity is called a performance problem, which will ideally be discovered with your proactive monitoring tools before there is an uptick in help desk calls or an actual outage. MK7 is expert in assessing your virtual computing environment and recommending enhancements to optimize the performance and streamline administration.

Continuous Improvement

A continuous improvement process is an ongoing effort to critically measure the current state, with an objective to continually optimize processes to improve products and services. These efforts can seek either incremental improvements over time or breakthrough improvements all at once. MK7 can help you implement an internal continuous improvement process for your virtual computing environments, or deliver a turn-key solution with our managed services programs.

Windows Migrations

An upgrade moves (or migrates) your PC's from a previous version of Windows—such as Windows 7 or Windows 8.1—to Windows 10. An upgrade can take place on your existing device, though Microsoft recommends using Windows 10 on a current model PC to take advantage of the latest features and security improvements. MK7 are experts integrating Microsoft and Citrix environments, and experienced advising our clients how to take advantage of the latest cloud offerings and licensing options to fully maximize your investments.

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