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The "defense in depth" model is a very widely used cybersecurity approach in companies of all sizes. The thinking seems to be that "if some cybersecurity tools are good, more cybersecurity tools are better."

We're not here to debate the validity of defense in depth security models, but we do want to discuss the value of simplifying your cybersecurity stack and offer you a few solutions to help you in this simplification process.

Renowned cybersecurity author Bruce Schneier famously said in 1999 "the worst enemy of security is complexity." In his blog entry, 'A Plea for Simplicity' he discussed the technology industry's demand for features, options, and speed, usually to the detriment of security, and he states:

"You can't secure what you don't understand. I see two alternatives. The first is to recognize that the digital world will be one of ever-expanding features and options, of ever-faster product releases, of ever-increasing complexity and of ever- decreasing security. This is the world we have today, and we can decide to embrace it knowingly.

The other choice is to slow down, simplify and try to add security. Customers won't demand this—the issues are too complex for them to understand—so a consumer advocacy group is required. This solution might not be economically viable for the Internet, but it is the only way to get security."

And in 1999, Bruce Schneier had a recommendation for enterprise companies in dealing with cybersecurity, "In the short term, the best course of action for enterprises is to outsource security to companies that have the expertise to understand the systems being secured."

Fast forward to 2024.

The complexity that Schneier predicted in his first alternative is here! It shows itself in the form of alert storms from your defense in depth security stack. These alerts must be investigated to determine the criticality and determine if you’re in imminent risk. Ideally, the investigators are highly trained cybersecurity professionals, or you risk misdiagnosing a critical alert as non-critical, or your team could suffer from “alert fatigue” and begin missing some alerts, and bad things can happen.

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So How Can We Help You to Simplify Your Cybersecurity?

There are three cybersecurity solutions that can dramatically increase your cybersecurity posture, reduce your attack surface, and reduce your cybersecurity administrative overhead. And maybe even reduce your overall spend on your defense in depth stack.

Cybersecurity solution 1

AppGuard controls-based protection for endpoints, including PCs and servers.

In short, AppGuard stops all malware/ransomware without the need to recognize it, by stopping it from doing what it must do to detonate within your environment. Think of it as a permanent patch that requires very little administrative maintenance over time. It is considered a protect and defend solution as opposed to a detect and respond solution. It prevents exploits.

With AppGuard deployed, you can take control of your security and upgrade patching process because no malware/ransomware can exploit your environment. It may infiltrate your IT network, but it won't be able to install and assume command and control. You're protected!

AppGuard has been protecting thousands of companies for over a decade without a single reported exploit.

Watch this 3:01 video demonstration of AppGuard.

Cybersecurity solution 2

LinkGuard CyberCloak cyber perimeter hardening technology.

When you deploy LinkGuard, you create a secure enclave that is "invisible" to any unauthorized users. LinkGuard is considered a protect and defend solution as opposed to a detect and respond solution.

LinkGuard CyberCloak will reduce the number of reconnaissance probes by cyber criminals to zero! They can't see your environment. This will also dramatically reduce the number of alerts that are triggered within your defense in depth cybersecurity stack.

LinkGuard has been protecting IT/OT networks since the late 1990's and has never been successfully breached!

Play this 1:21 video overview of LinkGuard.

Cybersecurity solution 3

Cyrebro MDR/SOC service.

Cyrebro's solution is a detect and respond solution. It covers EDR (endpoint detection and response), SIEM (security information & event management), SOC (security operations center) monitoring 24 x 7, Incident Response Planning, and Incident Response.

In our opinion, the key aspects of a comprehensive MDR/SOC service are:

  • EDR agnostic approach, use whichever EDR you choose.
  • A powerful SIEM that is technology agnostic in terms of logs that it can ingest, is preconfigured and AI powered in its threat hunting algorithms, has an extensive data lake of exploit history, and is lightning fast with it's query capabilities.
  • SOC monitoring 24 x 7 by highly skilled cybersecurity professionals.
  • Help in developing your comprehensive Incident Response Plan.
  • Actual assistance with Incident Response (versus simply making IR suggestions for you to then carry out).

As you might expect, Cyrebro has all of these key aspects covered. Their SIEM is one of the most powerful in the industry (Cyrebro 3.0, announced in April 2024, increased the SIEM power by 1000X!) and is configured to filter out the noise of false positives, their SOC staff is highly trained to triage alerts and they will take action if needed to remediate cyber threats.

Watch this 1:28 video overview of Cyrebro's Intelligence Solution

What Simplifying Your Cybersecurity Will Do For You.

We think you'll start seeing a theme around simplifying your security posture due to alert storms generated by your defense-in-depth approach, and alert fatigue that can result in some very bad outcomes.

If you deploy the 3 technologies we're mentioning above, here are some of the positive outcomes you'll experience:

  1. Deploy AppGuard
    1. You'll instantly protect your environment for any malware/ransomware attack. There is a high probability that malware is already lurking within your environment waiting to detonate. AppGuard will disarm it without needing to recognize it. If you've had the unfortunate experience of being hit by ransomware, AppGuard can be a very helpful tool in recovering from the attack.
    2. You'll take back control of your patching processes. Zero-day attacks and CVEs tend to put IT teams in scramble mode to get security patches deployed as fast as possible so that your environment isn't hit by the exploit. With AppGuard, you're covered. Maintain your process of testing before deploying, and deploying during normal maintenance windows.
    3. You'll be able to protect any legacy Windows/Linux appliances currently running in your environment. ATMs, POS machines, manufacturing controllers, several medical devices, all run embedded Windows/Linux operating systems that are out of support. AppGuard protects legacy Windows as old as Windows XP SP4, and many legacy Linux systems as well. Install once, you're protected long-term with little to no administrative updates needed.
  2. Deploy LinkGuard CyberCloak
    1. You'll stop worrying about the release of a CVE regarding one or more of your technologies because you will create a secure enclave that is completely invisible to unauthorized users and their scanning efforts.
    2. You'll be able to simply create a secure communications environment for your supply chain.
    3. You'll be able to create absolutely secure remote access for your remote and mobile workers.
    4. You'll dramatically reduce the number of security alerts from your other detection tools, because the hackers can't "see you" so they won't even try to hack you, you're not there!
  3. Deploy Cyrebro MDR/SOC Service
    1. You'll tap into a very comprehensive security service that rapidly detects, analyzes, investigates and responds to cyber threats.
    2. You'll eliminate the phenomenon of alert fatigue that plagues many in-house cybersecurity teams, and leads to the risk of missing real threats.
    3. You'll have 24 x 7 strategic monitoring, detection optimization, threat research and threat intelligence, which are augmented with incident response and forensic investigations.
    4. You'll have very responsive remediation support for any future threats that arise.

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