DDOS Protection

Scalable DDoS protection (from our Partner Imperva) supports Unicast and Anycast technologies, powering a many-to-many defense methodology. This automatically detects and mitigates attacks exploiting application and server vulnerabilities, hit-and-run events, and large botnets.

DDOS 3-second mitigation SLA

When DDoS strikes, it takes a targeted website just moments to go down and hours to recover. We provide the only service that has an SLA-backed guarantee to detect and block any website attack, of any size or duration - in 3 seconds or less.

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Data / Database Protection

Monitor enterprise-wide database activity, detect, and stop unauthorized data access, and simplify compliance with data privacy and protection regulations.

Immediate protection and fast time to value

Our DAM solutions can be deployed quickly to stop database attack threats with pre-defined security policies and automated discovery to find sensitive data and hidden vulnerabilities. It looks for threats and attacks at the protocol and OS level, as well as for unauthorized SQL activity, then alerts, quarantines, and if appropriate, block unauthorized activities to protect data.

Oversight of all database activity

Get enterprise-wide visibility into all your database transactions, including local privileged user access and service account activity. Our DAM solution continuously monitors across on-premises or cloud environments and collects consolidated records of all logins/logouts, updates, privileged activities and more to create granular audit trails that pinpoint the "who, what, when, where and how" for each database.

Data Masking

Maintain critical data relationships within your databases, across different databases, between different database platforms, and over time. Our Data Masking solution uses both deterministic and random approaches to ensure consistency in how sensitive elements are masked and enable repeatable masking process. Provide your users with relevant data for testing and training without compromising privacy

Ensure enterprise-class scalability and performance

Mask large volumes of data quickly and easily. Our Data Masking is engineered to meet the demands of your data-driven business. Platform-specific optimizations enable efficient and scalable masking regardless of database platform or dataset size. An open architecture allows Data Masking to easily adapt to your enterprise environment and existing automation tools.

Classify sensitive data

Automatically locate and categorize sensitive data in your databases. Integrated data classification uses heuristics and statistical analysis to locate personally identifiable information (PII) like name, email, date of birth, SSN and more. Leverage classification results to configure data masking rules.

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Client-Side Protection

The widespread use of JavaScript services has created a blind spot for security teams - until now.

The Client-Side Protection solution gives security teams visibility and control over any third- party JavaScript code embedded in your web applications. Continuously monitoring all JavaScript services, it only allows pre-approved services to execute, meaning any new JavaScript services or changes are blocked until authorized. And, if any JavaScript code is poisoned, and attempts to send data elsewhere, your security team is the first to know.

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Advanced Bot Protection

Together with the industry leading web application firewall and DDoS protection, the security platform from our partner Imperva now includes another best of breed solution-Advanced Bot Protection. It protects your websites, mobile applications, and APIs from automated threats without affecting the flow of business-critical traffic. Identifies Malicious Behavior

Advanced Bot Protection is the most comprehensive and mature detection and mitigation solution available today, covering the widest variety of evolving automated attacks.

The solution collects and analyzes your bot traffic to pinpoint anomalies, and our machine learning models identify real-time bad bot behavior across our network and feed it through our known violators database. Browser validation and advanced automation detection pinpoint malicious botnets hiding behind shared IP space. Rate limits based on device fingerprints - not IPs - provide further protection.

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API Protection

APIs play a critical role in accelerating innovation in the digital economy, but they can also expose a wider attack surface for cybercriminals to exploit. API Security protects your APIs, introducing peace of mind on your end while detecting and blocking exploits of vulnerabilities on our end.

Deployments of APIs are owned and managed by developers. Your organization's agility depends on your developers' ability to publish new APIs and change existing ones rapidly. With API Security seamlessly integrated into your API lifecycle management, approving your security signoffs has never been quicker.

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Runtime App Self-Protection (RASP)

RASP solutions from MK7 protect your applications from the inside out.

Application risk reduction

RASP protects your application from vulnerabilities so your teams can focus on business logic than drown in security technical debt while not leaving your application exposed to potential exploitation

Security as business transforms

With fading controls and workloads continually spinning up and down, cloud native applications need more than just perimeter security. RASP provides security from within and goes wherever your application goes. Provides you with Zero-day protection for third party code.

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Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web application attacks deny services and steal sensitive data. Web Application Firewall (WAF) from our partners Citrix and Imperva analyzes and inspects requests coming into applications and stops these attacks. The WAF seamlessly integrates with your SIEM minimizing the amount of traffic that is processed by the SIEM.

WAF protects against the most critical web application security risks: SQL injection, cross-site scripting, illegal resource access, remote file inclusion, and other OWASP Top 10 and Automated Top 20 threats. Our partner's security researchers continually monitor the threat landscape and update Imperva WAF with the latest threat data.

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Cloud Data Security

Protect your data held in cloud-based database-as-a-service (DBaaS) environments in minutes. Our Cloud Data Security (CDS) provides your security teams with visibility and compliance oversight, without impeding your business's digital transformation programs.

Cloud Data Security empowers security teams with fast setup, cloud-native, visibility tooling tailored to protect data living in DBaaS. Our complete SaaS solution allows you to onboard in minutes and obtain real-time visibility of your cloud data. CDS includes critical capabilities such as automated discovery, classification, continuous monitoring, and security insights that you need to make your data secure and compliant with data privacy and protection regulations.

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Ransomware Protection

Could your business afford to be without your data and systems for a day, a week, a month? Could you afford to pay millions to recover your company's data that has been encrypted by a malicious party? What are the best steps to prevent having your organization locked down by ransomware?

1. Ensure antivirus is installed and up to date across all your endpoints within the business. This is only your first line of defense as malware is constantly evolving. Make sure that your systems require up to date antivirus or they won't be allowed access to the network or endpoints that are hardened with only the capabilities that you grant to the system. Broker your VDI clients through access gateways, such as Citrix's ADC, that limit access to your corporate network with a nice side benefit of reducing bandwidth requirements and improved end user experience.

2. Establish security awareness specific training that stress the avoidance of clicking on links and attachments in email. Ask yourself these questions when receiving an email message with a link or an attached file: 1) Do I know the sender? 2) Do I really need to open that file or go to that link? 3) Did I really order something from FedEx? Trust but verify whenever accessing links or attachments and make sure that everyone else in your organization does too.

3. Backup your data. There are many options here, from backing up to cloud providers to local storage devices or even network attached drives, but each comes with a certain level of risk. Automatic data replication and auto-tiering will make this painless and cost-effective. Always have multiple copies of your data in multiple locations.

4. Policy restrictions are an easy and affordable method for restricting not only ransomware, but malware in general from installing. GPO has the ability to provide granular control over the execution of files on an endpoint, so adding rules that block activity from unexpected directories or even disabling the ability for executables to run from attachments. Set a schedule to audit your policies so that they don't get away from you.

5. Patching or Removing your Operating Systems and corporate Applications will remove vulnerabilities from your environment or better yet, replace your clients with a low cost hardened endpoint such as the IGEL UD Pocket which will a simplify your endpoint management and allow your end users to work from their own devices without compromising your valuable corporate assets. Pay particular attention to commonly exploited third party software such as Java, Flash, and Adobe which can serve as gateways for malware.

6. Restrict administrative rights on your endpoints. Reducing privileges will reduce the attack surface significantly. End users should not be downloading and installing games anyway, make sure you know what is running in your environment?

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Attack Analytics

Attack Analytics can be deployed with a click of a button. Residing in the cloud, it is infinitely scalable, capable of handling as many events as your enterprise needs to be processed.

The Attack Analytics solution correlates and distills thousands of security events into a few readable security narratives. The tool employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to simplify application security event investigations, enabling your IT organization to mitigate and respond to real threats quickly and decisively.

As part of the Application Security Solution, Attack Analytics leverages threat information delivered from the WAF Gateway and Cloud WAF to provide unified and contextual insights. This allows enterprises to better secure applications wherever they may reside - on premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

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Data Risk Analytics

Data breaches are difficult to detect because security teams are often drowning in alerts. Our Data Security from Imperva uses machine learning and data risk analytics to identify suspicious data access and prioritize threats. By distilling millions of alerts, it allows you to focus on high-risk incidents.

Accelerate breach investigation and response

Interpret critical incidents in plain language. You don't have to be a database expert to be able to carry out a successful investigation. Data risk analytics gives you granular visibility into how data is being used by whom and provides actionable insights so you can quickly contain a breach before damage happens.

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Vulnerability Discovery

Hidden risks expose your data. Our Discovery and Assessment service discovers unknown databases, classifies sensitive data, and detects database vulnerabilities.

Discovers unknown databases

Automate database discovery and gain visibility into unknown databases. Scan your enterprise network and identify database services and servers. Configure database discovery to scan specific network segments on-demand or at scheduled intervals. Scan results include IP address, ports used, and whether it's new or existing.

Comply with regulations and industry standards

Limit the scope and costs of compliance by automating manual, time-consuming audit activities. Discover databases and data in scope for audits. Implement least privilege and need-to-know data access. Schedule regular database vulnerability scans using pre-defined assessment tests such as PCI DSS and HIPAA. Demonstrate compliance with database vulnerability assessment results.

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User Behavior Profiling

The ability to monitor your end-user's activity within your I.T. environment, then take automated remediation steps if their behavior falls outside of "normal" is a tremendous advancement in I.T. security powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Citrix offers Security Analytics which does precisely this. It's like having thousands of "threat-hunters" on guard 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Cloud Access Controls

As application delivery continues to transition from datacenter hosted applications to cloud/SaaS/web applications, IT administrators need to allow for a seamless user experience while maintaining proper Enterprise security posture.

Citrix Access Control allows your IT team to extend user access credentials for single sign-on (SSO) across all platforms. Your security policies can also be extended beyond your datacenter to include SaaS, web, and cloud-hosted apps. This service includes web filtering, proxy, single sign-on, and SaaS controls.

You're able to manage data security by extending application policies regarding where you can save app data, whether or not you can print files, and whether you can take a screenshot of various applications, on an app-by-app basis.

As your user's interaction with your Enterprise applications becomes more and more "on-line" (SaaS/web/cloud), they are being exposed to additional malware attacks via compromised web sites. In order to reduce your attack surface, the Citrix Access Control includes a secure hosted browser that will auto launch (based on your configuration) when a suspect website is being accessed, as determined by the web filtering service.

The idea here is that if there are attempts to inject various malware into your browser (with the hopes to be able to swim upstream into your Enterprise network environment), that malware will be wiped clean once your users conclude the hosted browser session, with no access to allow the malware to jump into your network.

If you are concerned about Enterprise IT security, Citrix Access Control can help you meet many of your challenges with SaaS/web/cloud environments.

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Secure Hosted Browser Service

Bad actors often use malicious websites to inject malware into your browser, which then can infiltrate your Enterprise network and cause all sorts of chaos. Often, these malicious websites are linked from a phishing attack via email.

To combat this type of attack, Citrix offers a Secure Hosted Browser within certain of their Cloud Service offerings.

If one of your users clicks a link that is taking them to a malicious website, the hosted browser service will detect the threat and launch the hosted browser to continue, rather than using the locally installed browser. Anything that is injected into the secure hosted browser will be automatically discarded when the browsing session ends, thus protecting your corporate network and intellectual property.

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File Security

Protect sensitive files from cybercriminals and malicious insiders. Prevent file theft and stop ransomware while securely sharing files.

Continuously monitor all user access to your enterprise file storage systems and keep a detailed record of all file access activity, including privileged users, with Imperva File Security. Show that you have file security under control by using predefined or customized reports to demonstrate tight controls and blocked attacks.

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Secure File Sharing

It's amazing how many companies still allow their employees to send sensitive information via email attachments. This can put your intellectual property at risk, it could expose you to risk due to non-compliance of various privacy regulations, and if your company is compromised, your company's reputation could take a big hit.

All of this can be avoided, and you can improve capabilities to share large files, and keep your Exchange server from becoming bloated with large attachments in everyone's mailboxes, through the use of Citrix Files.

Citrix Files offers secure file sharing via several different delivery methods including emailing a secure link to large or sensitive documents, creating a shared folder with secure access over the web, or by sending a request for a file upload. You need a secure file sharing solution to support a modern work force.

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