Managed Services from MK7

Managed Services

MK7 offers and will seamlessly implement a Managed Services program for the systems we help you design and implement. Our services include professional IT management from end-to-end; including, monitoring and maintenance for the network, compute, storage, backup, security, converged architectures, collaboration, cloud and any other integrated processes that are required to deliver consistent, high system availability and quality end-user experience.

Don’t overthink this option, it’s a pretty easy decision.

Our Managed Services offering allows YOU to delegate to MK7 the management of systems you don’t want to manage with internal resources. You will benefit from predictable costs and the ability to focus your internal resources on core business concerns and higher value projects, rather than IT management chores. The value for you? Outcomes like consistent service levels and reduced costs — meaningful and tangible benefits for your organization.

But wait, there’s more! MK7 can also assume operational responsible for your current Citrix and virtual computing environments, if/when you determine that is the best solution for you. Again, this is not a tough decision to make. Do you have the internal resources to effectively manage the environment? And if yes, is that the best use of their time? If the answer to either of those questions is NO, then Managed Services from MK7 is your solution!


MK7 Managed Services - Our expertise and focus

Our business focus is on helping our customers, (predominately medium to large IT organizations) to design and implement next generation, flexible computing environments. Citrix and Microsoft are the core technologies we use in our solutions, and our clients receive value from our 30+ years of experience designing, building, implementing and managing virtual applications, desktop and workspace systems.

Specifically, MK7 Managed Citrix Services allows you to:

  1. Resolve Citrix staffing challenges: We provide long-term staff stability, subject matter expertise, burst capacity, and 24x7x365 coverage.
  2. Reduce downtime & improve user experience: MK7 Managed Services includes infrastructure monitoring/alerting, support, proactive optimization, and day-to-day updates/maintenance.
  3. Expedite solutions to complex issues: MK7 HAS direct-line access to Citrix Engineers, Architects, & Product managers so we can solve even the most difficult issues, fast.
  4. Automate, refine and optimize to lower your costs: Imbedded within our Managed Services delivery model is an internal, continuous process improvement cycle. Overtime we optimize your environment and further refine our management processes, which enables us to operate more efficiently and reduce your costs.

Managed Services – Hosted VoIP Solution

Our Hosted VoIP solution provides robust and feature rich Voice, Video, Chat, Mobility, Fax, Management Tools, Integrations, Remote Desktop, Custom Integrations and much more.

Managed Security Operations (SOC)

"Many security teams have overinvested in a plethora of tools. As a result, they are also suffering from alert fatigue and multiple console complexity and facing the challenges in recruiting and retaining security operations analysts with the right set of skills and expertise to effectively use all those tools." - Gartner

MK7 Managed Security Service

The cybersecurity industry has an effectiveness problem. There are thousands of vendors in the market, with over $130 billion spent annually on defense. And yet, the number of breaches continues to rise. Data breaches often occur not because a tool failed to detect the threat or alert on a vulnerability, but due to a lack of proper workflows, processes, and experienced people who know how to prioritize remediation.

If tools alone were enough to solve the problem, we would have by now. This is an operational problem that needs to be solved, and that’s what Managed IT Security from MK7 will provide you.

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